19 January 2014

Part Two--Some of Hildebrand Gurlitt’s pals in German-occupied Paris

Dr. Erhard Göpel, representative of the Linz Museum project, accessory to acts of cultural plunder both in German-occupied Holland and France, had a “special” relationship with the Expressionist artist, Max Beckmann, while he was living in Holland during the period of German occupation.
Gopel by Max Beckmann
Source: Google
Karl Epting, anti-Semitic head of the German Historical Institute, and participant in the earliest acts of plunder conducted in Paris against leading art collectors by the German Embassy in the summer of 1940
Epting, right, with Celine
Source: Google

Otto Abetz, German Ambassador to the Reich in German-occupied Paris

Otto Abetz
Source: Google

Martin Fabiani, one of the most important collaborationist art dealers in wartime Paris and friend of Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso.
Fabiani, by Henri Matisse
Source: Google
Walther Andreas Hofer, the official art expert on all acquisitions of works and objects of art in Axis-occupied territories, who reportedly directly to Hermann Goering.
Walther Andreas Hofer
Source: Google
Joachim von Ribbentrop, Reich Minister of Foreign Affairs, one of Hildebrand Gurlitt’s main clients.
Von Ribbentrop
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